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Men's Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Design: Tempo Giusto

Men's Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Design: Tempo Giusto

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100% Canadian Made T-Shirt featuring art details from Canadian Artist, Jack Bush's work. This beautiful shirt is made in Canada and we are proud of that fact.

  • Certified 100% organic cotton
  • The 'heather colours' are 50% Certified Organic Cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester
  • Soft and comfy material
  • Available in sizes S, M, L & XL
  • Not pre-shrunk

'Tempo Giusto/Just Right' 

JACK t-shirt features Bush's 'Tempo Giusto/Just Right'.  Bush loved to listen to music while he painted, although we don't know what he was listening to when he created this painting, the musical term 'Tempo Giusto' means in 'exact time'. Bush painted 'Tempo Giusto/Just Right' in March of 1975. The Art Gallery of Hamilton is home to 'Tempo Giusto/Just Right'.







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