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Township of Brock

Discover Brock

Located on the scenic shoreline of Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn Waterway, the Township of Brock represents three distinct urban areas of Sunderland, Cannington and Beaverton, numerous hamlets, and beautiful countryside. The local economy consists of agricultural, commercial and industrial businesses that are located throughout the Township and offers multiple opportunities for local entrepreneurship.

Brock Township’s location on Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn Waterway make it a popular destination for tourists – both summer and winter. It’s charming downtowns offer a wide range of unique arts and craft stores, specialty shops, and many restaurants for a casual or fine dining meal.

Explore the Brock community page for gifts, hand-made goods and more.

About Beaverton BIA

The Beaverton Revitalization Management Committee was established in May 2012. This Committee is comprised of local volunteers and partners who championed and guided the revitalization project through its various stages. revitalization is a process of improving the economic, physical and social well-being of the community’s traditional town centre by: strengthening local businesses and encouraging investment by building and property owners; creating enjoyable public streets and spaces animated by a variety of civic activities and events; and (iii) providing work and living opportunities that respond to people’s needs across a spectrum of ages and interests.


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