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Artist Sarah Cowley brings multiple mediums to life in Beaverton studio

Residing in Beaverton, artist Sarah Cowley invites viewers to engage with her work and discover a story, offering moments of wonderment and curiosity.

How did your love of art begin? 

Goodness I would have to say as far back as I can recall. As a wee girl, I have always loved the process of fabricating my imagination by creating art.

You have quite a bit of education, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

My formal studies began in the field of horticulture branching out into medicine. I am self taught when it comes to ‘art’. Both my formal and informal studies have provided me with opportunities to work and travel in many parts of the world. These adventurous experiences filter through my art.  

You use a number of mediums in your artwork. What are some of these mediums? Does working with different materials give you a different experience? 

I will use metal, glass, fabric, clay, papier mâché, found objects and more. The design of the piece dictates the mediums and then there is always a surprise element. All mediums require a particular handling. Sometimes I must use all my physical strength to fabricate and at other times I must use the gentlest approach.

Your pieces have been shown in galleries internationally. Was there a specific exhibit that stood out to you or that you were particularly proud of?

I would say exhibiting my work is always a thrill whether it be an etching or sculpture. The opening galas are always a good time and bring artists, supporters and the curious together. Everyone dresses up, connects and has fun.

Whether etchings, stained glass or sculptures, your pieces are so unique. Where do you most often find inspiration?

Thank you, and the answer is: simply within my head. I begin with a strong design, an armature, and add layer upon layer until the personality of the piece presents itself. This is the wild card which always surprises and delights me.

When did you begin selling your art? Is there a piece of advice you can pass on to fellow artists looking to turn their passion into a business?

Selling my work began about 3 years ago. I continue to learn through trial and error. My advice is, not to be afraid, try new venues, experiment, reach out.

At Shop Durham Region we believe our business community is stronger together. What’s one of your favourite Durham-based businesses?

It’s hard to choose a favourite Durham-based business. However, I love a cooperative setting where several vendors come together under a common roof. The Shop Durham Region Online Marketplace is a great example of that collaborative spirit.

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